Harare Miombo Special

4 Days, 3 Nights

Variable sunbird

Expert Personal Guides

Our guides, Derek Adams and Doug Kok, are passionate birders (and fishermen) themselves, and have decades of birding knowledge and expertise between them.

Tour Details


Day 1 Arrive Harare.  Spend day in Haka and Mukuvisi Woodlands. Book into lodge 5pm

Day 2 Birding around Christon Bank and Mazoe Valley

Day 3 Taking in the Wetlands

Day 4 Early transfer to Harare Airport

Miombo double collared sunbird

Luxury Accommodation

bird tour accommodation

After the day bird watching in the Miombo, rest and relax in style.


Interesting Miombo Species

Spotted creeper 

Cinnamon breasted tit 

Western violet backed sunbird

Variable sunbird 

Copper sunbird 

Purple banded sunbird

Miombo double collared sunbird

Miombo rock thrush 

Miombo blue-eared starling

Miombo tit 

White breasted Cuckooshrike 

Streaky-breasted flufftail

Red-cheated flufftail

African crake 

Corn crake

Baillon's crake

Striped crake 

Spotted crake 

Yellow-mantled widowbird

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