Eastern Highlands Special

3 to 5 Day Tours

Bronzy sunbird

The mountain peaks, montane forest, grass lands, gorges and waterfalls support 23 Afro-tropical highland biome species.

Expert Personal Guides

Trout fishing

Our guides, Derek Adams and Doug Kok, are passionate birders (and fishermen) themselves, and have decades of birding knowledge and expertise between them.

Tour Details

Seldom Seen, Vumba

Seldom Seen Vumba

Seldom Seen

Seldom Seen is situated in the Vumba Highlands. This cosy location is aptly named. Relish the privacy, quiet and exclusivity while adding many exciting new species to your list.

Seldom Seen Vumba

Intimate, Cosy Accommodation

Seldom Seen accommodates a maximum of six guests at a time. We truly understand the need for exclusivity when birding - especially if you're after Lifers.

Samango monkey

Other wildlife

As well as birding (and fishing, if you're keen) there are also many other game viewing opportunities. The Vumba is also home to samango monkeys, blue duiker, bush buck, bush pigs and so much more.

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